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  • Date of release: 5th August 2023. Now sold out.

    A rare one. Bright, bold and full of life, you won't be missed with these on, that's for sure.

    Details: Crew Length only. This is a pink version of our highly rated black Crew length merino toe socks and the only difference is that it's 1-inch higher up the leg. It's bright, it stands out and just like every sock we produce, it's very bloody comfortable.

    ✔️ Fewer Blisters (ZERO skin-on-skin contact)
    💦 Dry & Breathable: Lightweight, Moisture Wicking & Fast-dry
    🔒 Secure, Stay-up Fit: Ribbed Leg and Elastic Cuff & Arch Band
    🐑 Merino Wool Blend (Responsible Wool Standard yarn)
    🧵 Seamless & Anatomical Toes and Heel
    🌲 One Native Tree Planted, for Every Pair Sold
    🥝 New Zealand Owned, Physiotherapist Designed & Shipping Worldwide

    Date of release: 5th August 2023. Now sold out.

    As with all our limited editions, we do one-off production runs. These will not be re-stocked right away. Missed out? Email and SMS subscribers are notified when a new color or restock run is released so if you aren't a subscriber, sign up here 

  • Creepers socks have simple unisex sizing and come in Small, Medium, Large and XL. If needed, an extended size chart can be viewed HERE

    An extended size chart can be viewed HERE

  • Less Blisters, Hot Spots and Redness. With each toe wrapped in it's own lightweight, low-friction sleeve, there's no more skin-on-skin rubbing and your toes are able to splay and move how they should
    Stay Dry & Breathable. Our unique design optimizes breathability with a strong but breathable fabric that hugs your feet and doesn't bunch up.
    50% Ultra Fine Merino Wool Yarn. Merino wool doesn't itch, absorbs water best, and dries out faster than synthetics. Blend that with soft, moisture-wicking fabric and you've got the perfect blend for all-day comfort.


    - Merino Wool (Responsible Wool Standard certified yarn): 50%
    - Acrylic: 30%
    - Polyamide: 15%
    - Spandex: 5%

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Phil P.
Fit: True to size
Great socks!

Put on a brand new pair of bright pink creepers for a run race with 10k worth of vert. Felt great, didnt get blisters, and feet could breathe well. Will continue to use.

Suzanne W.
Fit: True to size
The only socks I'll wear

I had a problem with blisters between my toes when I ran long distances, but haven't had a problem since I started wearing Creepers. I thought they would feel bulky with the extra fabric between each toe but they absolutely do not. I don't even notice that I'm wearing anything other than an ordinary sock. I really love them!

Janet G.
Fit: True to size
Creepers socks

Creepers socks went down well for the family and the extra pr as Secret Santa. Loved by all

Fit: True to size
Miracle socks

I’ve suffered from serious athletes foot over 2 years. Within a month of wearing these socks, along with merino wool shoes, my feet are like new.

Sue G.
Fit: True to size

Always had problems with losing toe nails during hikes. Now aged 74 I like to wear my creepers when ever my feet are chilly. They are not too hot but warm enough for cold days. Wash and wear well. Feel so soft. I now have 5 pairs. More colours please. Maybe blue, grey, yellow. Black too hard to find in pack. I have 2 pairs in pink would buy more if more colours.

David N.
Fit: True to size

PINK Merino Toe socks, Crew Length LIMITED EDITION

Joshua P.
Fit: True to size
Warmest Socks!

These are the warmest socks I've had since going the toe sock route and durable, love them!

Demand More For Your Feet

Creepers toe socks vs injinji socks comparison

Key Features

What makes our toe socks the best?

  • Ultra-Fine Merino

    Compared to syntheric fibers, Merino yarn keeps your feet dry, longer, has super-low friction for less blisters, dries out faster and absorbs smell.

  • Toe Sleeves

    Let your toes stay aligned, blister-free, healthy in separate, moisture wicking and seamless toe sleeves.

  • Secure

    Secure ankle cuffs, made for the life. A wide band that sits above the ankle bones, leaves no gaps for debris and means that stay up, when others won't

  • Temperature Regulation

    The breathable mesh upper in our socks means less weight as well as enhanced breathability and temperature regulation

Less Blisters, Moisture and Cramped Toes 🏃🏻‍♀️

Venture further, in comfort.

Full foot feel and the ideal foot environments.

There the perfect sock to hide away in your shoes for any adventure.

Run, walk, jog, climb and explore.

Get free. Get comfortable. Get some Creepers on your feet.

Merino Wool. The Super Fiber

Not too hot, not too cold.

Light and Breathable.

Soft and Strong.

Dry Feel.

Synthetic and labratory developed fibers aren't the answer. Nature has put Merino Wool through the ultimate test and it's come out trumps.

Upgrade your footwear

The old standard

A compressive sleeve surrounding your toes increases pressure, skin on skin contact, reduces breathability and traps mositure.

Creepers, the new standard

Optimizes toe splay and movement, maintaining full ground contact and grip. A foot-first approach for function, feel and health.

No blisters, moisture, irritation or drawn-together toes. Free your feet today.