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  • Hike the length of the country, without blisters?
  • Run a marathon without hot spots and irritation?
  • A day in the office, without clammy, sweaty toes?
  • Help avoid athletes’ foot or even bunions?
Creepers socks are tried, tested, and proven by runners and hikers who have walked the talk 👇
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Fit: True to size
Super comfy

These soaks are super comfortable & warm. I haven’t worn them tramping yet but am happy enough to have bought them for all of my family for birthday presents.

Merino Toe socks 2.0 | Crew Length
Fit: True to size
Awsome soks

The socks feel very nice, soft, my bunion is not hurting so much any more, because my too is not getting pressed inwards.

Fit: True to size
Creepers Socks

These socks are worth their weight in gold. Previously on tramping trips , I needed to tape my toes individually to avoid blisters & rubs ( and we all know the challenge of taping around toes without getting puckers in the tape !!)
With Creepers Socks I had absolutely NO trouble at all - the longest tramp has been the Heaphy Track - 4 days / 3 nights.

Highly highly recommended.

Love them! Wish they came in white or other lighter colors but worked great with no blisters at all week long scout camp that last year gave me several blisters.

Fit: True to size
Back for more

These are a game changer. I bought 1 pair to try and for the first time in living memory I have been able to take a long walk without a blister forming on my little toe. My slightly deformed little toe just curves under the second toe and consequently I am stepping on it. Toe separators don't work, they alter my stance and end up hurting my foot elsewhere. Creepers socks don't do this. Not only did I not get a blister, they were super comfortable. I'm back online buying 3 more pairs!!

Fit: True to size
Great socks

I wear my Creeper socks all the time, hubby calls it my monkey feet but the socks are so comfy.

Fit: True to size
Love at first sight

Yellow toe socks. My grandson George, just turned 10. For his birthday I bought the limited edition yellow toe socks. When he opened his gift he had tears in his eyes, he soo wanted a pair - not just of toe socks but Creepers toe socks. He did not take them off for 3 days.

Fit: True to size
Love the Crew Length!

I have 5 pair of the Limited Edition 4 Merino toe socks in yellow crew length and love them. Of course the most important thing to me is the toe separation, but I also really appreciate the moderate tension at the top end of these socks. They aren’t too tight or too loose and don’t cut off circulation to my foot. I wear these with my LEMS boots and have had them on all day in 90 degree weather without discomfort or issues with sweating. Perfect, in my opinion. Will buy more when the color changes.

Fit: True to size
Excellent socks.

I’m a big toe socks wearer. I’ve been wearing Injinji’s for about 2 years and I love them. I bought Creepers just to compare and I love them also. I love that they feel so soft but keep my feet dry. They also hand wash and dry quickly so I can use them for a week at a time while out hiking.

Fit: True to size

Merino Toe Socks 2.0 | No-Show

Fit: True to size
Socks work well

Got them to get rid of some tenacious corns i have from running, and they do their job perfectly

I only wish they came in more colors

Fit: True to size
Comfy and snug

My new Creeper socks are just what I needed on those cold winter mornings. They are extremely comfy and snug. Love them

Fit: True to size
Creepers socks = absolute comfort.

Keeping toes from rubbing means no pain on walks. Material is fabulous.

Fit: True to size
I love the socks

The socks are super comfortable, help keep my feet dry, and allow my toes to spread out! Everything I wanted out of them. Customer service was great. I might have to replace all of my socks with these now.

Fit: True to size
Creepers Socks Rock

Whether you’re running, biking, hiking or walking these socks rock.

Recently made the switch from the biggest toe sock maker because these were made with merino wool and weren’t as expensive. I have since filled my sock drawer with Creepers and have not gotten a blister or hotspot in these socks.

Looking forward to running a 50mile ultra in these in August.

Fit: True to size
Not my first toe sock

A year ago a very good friend of mine was wearing some; I hustle a brown car for work. I have had many issues come up over the years of service including professional orthotic use. All the research I have done backs up toe separation as a means to help the foot be at a more correct posture, improve the foot’s performance and it’s one part we can’t rest. Always stepping. The wool wicks moisture away so no contact dermatitis. My feet spread out in my xtra wide shoes and I have noticed lessening pain around my left foot’s ball and into the middle toes. I’d say these socks do everything stated and absolutely feel fantastic to wear. My big toe doesn’t fully “seat” however the rest of the toes do and the heel fits where it should without stretching; not sure if a large would be better; I will definitely repurchase! I do recommend them when it comes up 👍🏼

Love these just brilliant for my walks and running. So comfortable and super fast delivery

Fit: True to size

Love my socks..I got the no shows and will be ordering the others now as well. I’m a size9 and got regular..perfect for my long, crooked toes.

Amazing product I am now a convert.

Fit: True to size
Stopped ongoing blister issues!

I have ongoing trouble with 2 particular hotshots that blister every time on longer hikes. These socks have helped stop that happening! So impressed, I went back to buy more as they are well fitting and comfortable with no friction rubbing. Excellent for longer hikes!

Fit: True to size
Just What I Was Looking For

Used one pair on a 6 day wilderness backpacking trip in the Rock Mountain west. They were comfortable, dried quickly, and showed no wear at the end of the trip.
I'm very pleased.

Fit: True to size

Merino Toe socks, Crew Length

Fit: True to size
Great socks

I love my creepers although I need to wear two pairs of socks in my hiking boots

Fit: True to size
Lives up to the hype

Great socks. Just did a 13 rocky dusty hike and my feet were comfortable and blister free.