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Responsible Wool

Nature has put Merino Wool through the ultimate test and it's come out trumps.

All of our yarn is sourced from suppliers with Responsible Wool Standard certification and OKEO TEX 100 certification.

Merino wool is a natural super fibre that is ahead of the pack. By using Merino yarn as the dominant ingredient in our performance toe socks, we not only use less petroleum based fibres but also gain the incredible benefits of keeping you comfortable in all conditions.

In short

Merino wool is soft yet strong. It's versatile and stretchy making it very forgiving. Not only that but is naturally thermoregulates AND reduces odour.

It's pretty incredible.

Merino wool isn't itchy wool

Wool is often itchy, yes, but Merino wool is different. It's super fine, soft and gives clothing a luxurious feel, like you have a second skin on.

Soft, but strong - if you are used to wool garments being like your grandma's hand knitted jumper, then you are in for a treat with our socks.

Soft on your skin isn't just about comfort though, it also helps decrease friction and blisters.

Keep dry and warm

Merino wool is able to absorb up to 35% of it's weight and still feel dry to touch! It draw moisture into the core of the wool fibres, keeping the surface feeling dry and your skin fresh as a daisy. It is also one of the most breathable fibres and this means they move that moisture away to evaporate quickly.

Having this great hydrophilic property combined with breathability ultimately means your feet keep drier for longer and are able to regulate temperate well themselves without being hampered by too much moisture  in cold or hot conditions.

Odour fighting

The hydrophilic nature of Merino wool comes into play again to help your feet smell less. By absorbing your sweat moisture means less sweat on your feet and happier healthier feet. The Merino fibres also absorb the little odour molecules, keeping them away from your skin until they are washed out.


Merino wool is elastic in nature. Even though it is super soft, it doesn't lose form and springs back to help maintain shape. This is ideal when exercising, when you need your socks to keep performing for as long as you.

Biodegradable and Renewable

It's fairly self explanatory, really. Sheep grow a new fleece each year, making wool completely renewable.


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