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It started back when I started working full time as a Physiotherapist. Spending long days on my feet didn't do great things for my feet.

Red, sore, irritated and cracked between my toes.

To add to that, when cranking out longer runs, training for half marathons and mountain races, I'd get blisters on my toes. Like chafe of the foot!

My socks failed me. No matter what I dabbled with, I couldn't win. Certainly not with my sweaty feet and monkey toes.

That's when I discovered toe socks. They immediately helped.

And shockingly, they also felt bloody good! Oh man, you don't know what you are missing sometimes when you stick with the status quo.

That's when, I started designing my own. I wanted a toe sock with softer material that kept my feet feeling dry even longer. Skip forward to late 2021 and the Creepers Merino Toe Sock was released.

The only socks I will ever need. All. Day. Long.

These socks won't cure all your problems, but they'll blow your mind and redefine your idea of how socks should be.

Join the Creepers crew, set your feet free and come with us to change the sock game.


Shaun Clark Creepers Socks
Shaun Clark

Creepers Socks. Comfort Redefined

Merino wool toe socks for running