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Here is a quick bit of info to help your merino toe socks last the distance.

Why are they different? 

These socks are made to get dirty, wet and well used, so it's important we clean them well.

Creepers have the best of both worlds, with half the content being ultra-fine Merino and the other 50% made up of fibers to help wick moisture, add elasticity, strength and more.

Merino wool has different properties to petroleum-based fibers such as CoolMax and nylon. It is fantastic at drawing moisture away from your feet by absorbing up to 30% of its weight. Unlike most other fabrics, this also means they lock away the smell molecules, which is how our merino socks help your socks and feet smell less!

Eventually though, they need to be cleaned and all the dirt, grime and locked away smell, washed out.

Cleaning & Drying Merino Socks


1. Machine wash on gentle cycle in warm or cool water (or hand wash)

2. Use mild soap. Never wash with bleach or fabric softener. 


3. Do not tumble dry or dry clean. Hang or lay flat to dry please.

If you prefer the dryer, tumble dry on low.

Do not bleach or iron


Foot care for toe sock longevity

Do keep your nails trimmed. Because the socks hug the curvature of your toes, any sharp or elongated bits of nail sticking out, will make holes in your socks quick.

Fluffy after the first wear? Pilling balls forming?

This is very normal for all socks and particularly those with natural wool fibers blended in. 

You'll notice in your first 1-2 wears, that fluff comes off the socks! For the uninitiated, this can cause some real concerns about quality and durability but never fear. For high quality merino yarn, the extraneous loose fibres in the twist shed in the first wear and this is completely normal for socks with merino wool and after the first few wears it stops. It has no impact of quality or longevity.

Pilling? This happens gradually, particularly in the areas of high friction in socks. Pilling is when small little balls forming on the surface and can makes clothes look worn and shabby.

What can you do to remove pilling on socks?

You can simply use a fabric shaver or sweater comb to remove them. We find this easiest to do when wearing the socks.

Thanks crew!

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