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The Top 5 Socks to Stop Sweaty Feet

The Top 5 Socks to Stop Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet and clammy toes effect most of us on a daily basis and can lead to smelly feet, redness, cracked skin and even athletes foot. Your socks are in direct contact with your skin and can make the biggest difference in whether sweat builds up or evaporates away fast. We’re narrowed down the options for you with our list of the top 5 socks to stop sweaty feet and the key features to shop for.

The Main Features for a Low Sweat Sock

The goal of a sock that helps stop sweaty feet is to draw moisture away form the skin easily and then dry fast while also stopping your feet getting too hot.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking is where moisture is drawn away from your skin, through the fabric, where it can then be evaporated. This happens where there is a gradient (wetter at your skin, than outside your sock) and with hydrophobic yarn. Hydrophobic yarn is water-hating like most synthetics fibers so they don’t absorb the moisture and rather, it’s pulled through. This is why having a component of synthetic fibers is beneficial if you have sweaty feet, rather than opting for a 100% natural fiber sock.

Moisture Absorbing

Different to moisture-wicking but just as useful in getting rid of sweat, fast. Most natural fibers absorb moisture actively. They don’t rely ona gradient like the moisture wicking fibers but rather actively absob moisture - this can either work in your favor, or against!

Bad: Some natural fires such as cotton and hemp absorb moisture and the moist fabric then sit’s against your skin - this can build up and really add to the moisture problem, as well as becoming swelly and encouraging bacteria build up.

Good: Natural fibers such as Merino and Alpaca work amazing because their inner core is hydrophilic (loves moisture) and absorbs it into it’s centre readily and the outer surface of the wool is hydrophobic (mositure repelling) , keeping your skin drier, actively. Merino wool has been shown to absorb away up to 30% of it’s weight.

Fast Drying

Socks that absorb moisture but don’t dry fast and not what you want (socks with a high amount of cotton), however socks that wick away moisture are breathable and lightweight, have great drying ability. Add to this some merino wool, which dries faster than most synthetics and gives your skin a dry feel and you’ve got an amazing combination.


Airflow is crucial. Think about how you would stop your home getting smelly, damp and growing mold. You would ensure airflow and ventilation right? Your feet are no different, so choosing socks with breathable fabric is not to be missed. 

  • Open mesh sections
  • A open stitch design
  • Thin material


Thicker socks don’t breathe as well, can bunch up, build up more moisture and importability not increase heat. Choosing lightweight, thin athletic socks allow your skin to regulate temperature naturally and maintain better homeostasis leading to less need to sweat!

If you want more info on what causes sweaty feet and how we should address it, see our previous post here. Now that you know what to shop for, you can get out and find the sock that works best for you. Choose lightweight, low cushion, breathable and with a large portion of synthetic fibers, or better yet a blend of merino and synthetic yarn for drier  and cooler feet, all day long.

We’ve gone and made a list of our 5 favorite socks for helping to stop sweaty feet, so that you don’t have to go searching.

The best socks for helping to stopping sweaty feet are merino blend socks

The 5 Best Socks to Stop Sweaty Feet

1. Creepers Merino Blend Toe Sock

Creepers Socks have hit the nail on the head. Lightweight with zero cushion, breathable and a 50/50 combination of merino and synthetic yarn along with seamless toe sleeves helps obliterate moisture, faster.


  • Breathable mesh upper foot
  • Snug fit with wide cuff and arch band
  • Seamless toes and heel
  • 50% merino yarn
  • Moisture wicking around and between each toe


  • Premium price point
  • Extra effort putting toe socks on
  • Limited style or color options

Review count 4.8/5

2. Drymax Performance Socks

Drymax has everything except the natural yarn component, bringing it to second on our list. Lightweight, breathable and tried, tested an dtrusted by athletes worldwide.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Snug fit
  • Seamless
  • Comfortable anatomic fit


  • Toes aren't separate
  • Premium price point
  • No merino

Review count 4.4/5

3. Smartwool Zero Cushion Socks

Smartwool use a combination of fibers and technology to create great socks that help you go far and feel good.


  • Merino blend (around 50% merino wool)
  • Moisture wicking nylon
  • Snug fit
  • Seamless toe box
  • Only 3% elastane


  • Toes aren't separate
  • Premium price point

Review count 4.8/5 stars

4. Under Armour Dry Run Socks

Under Armour keep it simple with a high portion of moisture wicking yarn and targeted compression for a very fast drying sock.


  • Moisture wicking polyester makes up 97% of the sock
  • Machine wash with no shrinkage
  • Fast drying
  • Only 3% elastane
  • Well priced


  • Doesn’t have a wide toe box of separate toes
  • Haven’t blended in complimentary yarns

Review count: 4.3/5

5. Thirty38 Performance Running Socks

Thirty38 go for a great blend of synthetic material with the addition of moderate compression for a snug fit and no bunching or slip.


  • Ergonimic shape and fit
  • Light compression
  • Blend of synthetic yarns for ideal moisture wicking
  • Seamless toe box


  • Toes aren't separate
  • The moderate compression can compress toes together
  • No merino yarn

Review count 4.5/5


The best socks that help stop sweaty feet and improve your foot health are lightweight, breathable and have a high component of synthetic fibers, ideally along with merino wool. This combination will have your feet feeling cooler, dryer and with less sweat and smell for much longer. 

Choosing socks with a high proportion of cotton is a common mistake for those with sweaty feet. Cotton is natural, cheap and easy available and often thought of as a great option for a walk, run or gym sessions. But cotton doesn’t let sweat evaporate easily and leads to moist fabric staying in contact with your skin making it a less than ideal sock for those that battle with and stop sweaty feet, smelly socks and athletes foot.