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Are toe socks good for running?

Are toe socks good for running?

Running can make us feel so good, but if we’re left with toe blisters, hot spots and cramped, raw toes the aftermath can suck. Toe socks could be the answer to running mile upon miles on the, without the pain and irritation. Read on to learn more about toe socks and if they really are good for running.

The problem with regular socks

Regular socks have long been the sock type of choice. They’re shoe shaped, more than foot shaped and designed to be a protective barrier between your shoe and your foot and they do this job well. The help reduce the rubbing and abrasion from your shoes and wick away moisture from your skin.

There’s one thing they’re missing though. They don’t do anything for the skin on skin rubbing and moisture between your toes - that’s the big, blaring blind spot of regular socks.

The Blind Spot of Regular Socks

Your toes. They are wrapped up in a compressive sleeve compressed together to maintain near instant skin contact, encouraging friction and moisture retention… which ultimately leads to a heap of issues! From blisters and hot spots from that constant toe chafe after thousands of steps on your run to cracked and red skin from poor moisture management and squished, overlapping toes.

Toe socks are the solution to this with additional moisture wicking fabric around each toe. This seamless toe sleeve wicks away moisture for better skin heath and crucially lets your toes splay for better feel and function while removing that skin-on-skin contact, completely.

They socks not just made as a barrier to your shoes. Nope. Toe socks are the foot-first running socks that work with your feet, no against them for a second skin that helps regulate temperature, moisture and optimal foot function.

are toe socks good for running

So, are toe socks good for running?

Yes! Compared to regular socks, they allow for better toe positioning and alignment, better moisture management and they remove all that toe chafe so that you can run in comfort without having to worry about toe spaces, bandages and tape. Less discomfort and suffering the days after a big run. Check out the benefits of toe socks explained further below and make the decision for yourself, or take the plunge and get toe socks that are perfect for running - Lightweight, low friction merino toe socks.

3 Reasons Toe Socks are Good for Running

Less hot spots and blisters

This is a simple and underestimated benefit of toe socks for runners. Blisters and hot spots happen due to pressure and friction, over and over again. By having a low friction sleeve around each of your toes you eliminate the skin friction as well as the compressive pull-together nature for regular socks. Choosing toe socks with low-friction yarn such as ultra-fine merino works best for this.

toe socks for running stop blisters

Natural toe splay and function

Both shoes that are too narrow and most regular socks pull our toes together and really screw with our natural function. To work best when running our big to in particular needs to stay aligned and straight for our windlass mechanism (plantar fascia) to work best to economically propel us forward with each stride. Toe socks let your feet spread and grip naturally as they please - just like if you were walking or running in bare feet. So why not stop wearing elasticated, tubular socks and let your toes stay in their lanes?

Toe spaly in toe socks vs regular

Reduced moisture and athletes foot

Red, itchy, and cracked skin isn’t pretty but there’s a way to help it by getting to the bottom of the issue. Fungus (athletes foot) thrives in moist environments, and so does chafe for  that matter. Runners can help the space between their toes feel just as dry as the rest of their foot by having moisture wicking fabric in contact with all their skin. Toe socks have separate little sleeping bags for each toe, wrapping each digit in moisture wicking fabric for less moisture and breathability an because they are lightweight material, you won’t even know they’re there.


Oh and did we mention, they feel so good! 

If you haven’t tried quality, seamless toe socks before, you won’t know but toe socks feel like they are barely there and so many runners are surprised by the comfort and improved feel. We’re a bit biased though so check out some reviews and reactions from runners and hikers about just how good toe socks are.